Safety is the #1 top priority of Madison Farmers Elevator Company - to protect our employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors. We have a company-wide safety program in place that provides training and safety meetings to our employees under the guidance of OSHA regulations throughout the year to help prevent accidents and to prepare how to respond in a way that's appropriate under best practices should an accident occur.

Every employee must take ownership of his or her own safety and the safety of co-workers and the work environment. 

OUR COMMITMENT - our farmers are the reason Madison Farmers Elevator Company exists and we want to make sure that we are maintaining a safe environment for all parties. 

We have included some links on this page for you to click on that involve grain industry related safety topics. They provide insight into preventing grain entrapments and engulfments and understanding how three types of entrapments occur. Severe injuries and deaths can be avoided with a constant commitment to basic safety measures and situational awareness. Every flowing grain entrapment is a preventable incident!!!

Click the links below to view PDFs:                   

MFE Letter to our Farmers on Engulfments        

OSHA Grain Bin Safety Poster

OSHA Hazard Alert

OSHA Stop Poster

Additional Training & Safety Resources:

 - Grain Handling Safety Coalition (